• April 2016: Method workshop of Christoph Körber and Tina Pangrisc "Viral gene transfer and stereotaxic delivery in the auditory system" in Heidelberg
  • November 2016: Method workshop of Marlies Knipper "Co-Detection of mRNA/protein plasticity genes in the ascending auditory pathway" in Tübingen



  • March 2015: 11th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society - Symposium 18: Cellular adaptations for temporal precision in the auditory system
  • March 2015: Rhetorical practice training for young female young scientists given by Petra Hornberger
  • June 2015: Evaluation colloquium for the 2nd project period in Homburg/Saar
  • June 2015: Method workshop of Werner Hemmert "Modeling Neurons in the Auditory Brainstem" in Munich
  • September 2015: Summer school and Midterm Colloquium in Kaiserslautern



  • March 2014: 93rd Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society, Mainz - Symposium 10: How hearing happens: when temporal precision counts
  • March 2014: Special issue in e-Neuroforum with the following articles:
    •    Friauf E, Hearing. e-Neuroforum 5:51-52.
    •    Felmy F, Künzel T. Giant synapses in the central auditory system. e-Neuroforum 5:53-59.
    •    Nothwang HG, Engel J, Knipper M, Friauf E, L-type calcium channels in the auditory system. e-Neuroforum 5:60-66.
    •    Kubisch C, Hereditary hearing loss in humans: the importance of genetic approaches for clinical medicine and basic science. e-Neuroforum 5:67-71.
    •    Kittelmann M, Göpfert MC, Mechanisms and genes in Drosophila hearing. e-Neuroforum 5:72-76
  • September 2014: Summer School ("(Ultrafast) hearing: anatomical, morphological, molecular, and genetic aspects") and Thematic Conference in Bad Münster am Stein - Guest speakers: Ian Forsythe, Jonathan Ashmore and Christoph Schreiner
  • November/December 2014: Method workshop of Ralf Schneggenburger "Targeting protein expression and conditional gene deletion in the Iower auditory brainstem", Lausanne



  • March 2013: 10th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society - Symposium 6: Mouse models in hearing research: unraveling auditory processing from molecules to behavior
  • March 2013: Method workshop of Ivan Milenkovic and Rudolf Rübsamen "In vivo extracellular recordings in the auditory brainstem (AVCN, MNTB)" in Leipzig
  • April 2013: Method workshop of Jutta Engel "Whole-mount immunohistochemistry of the mouse of Corti" in Homburg/Saar
  • September 2013: Summer school ("How timing is preserved in the auditory system") and Thematic Conference in Volkenroda - Guest speakers: Donata Oertel and Gerard Borst


  • April 2012: Aproval of DFG funds
  • August 2012: Kickoff-Meeting
  • October 2012: Scheduling of the first Thematic Conference for september 1-5, 2013
  • December 2012: Offer of two Method workshops

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