KICK-OFF MEETING, August 12-14, 2012, Bad Dürkheim


Prof. Dr. Martin Göpfert: Auditory Filtering in Drosophila – Mechanism and Genes

Prof. Dr. Dominik Oliver: The structural basis for electromechanical activity of Prestin: modeling and experimental approach

Maria Picher: The Role of Calcium Binding Proteins in Synaptic Sound Encoding

Dr. med. Nicola Strenzke: The role of LRBA (LPS-repsonding, beige-like anchor protein) in auditory function

Prof. Dr. Jutta Engel: Alpha2delta calcium channel subunits in spiral ganglion neurons

Dr. Thomas Künzel: The role of dendritic inputs in high-fidelity temporal processing of phase-coding neurons in the mammalian anteroventral cochlear nucleus

Dr. Ivan Milenkovic: The role of early postnatal activity in development of physiological properties of neurons and of nuclear organization in the auditory brainstem

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Friauf: Neuronal precision, accuracy, and fidelity: inhibitory and excitatory inputs to the lateral superior olive

Prof. Dr. Ursula Koch: Studying nicotinic acetylcholine receptor function in the auditory brainstem

Dr. med. Maike Vollmer: Effects of deafness and electrical cochlear stimulation on neuronal sensitivity to interaural time differences and on glycinergic innervation in gerbil auditory brainstem

Prof. Dr. Andrej Kral: Fast temporal processing and ‘central auditory disorder’

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Kubisch: Identification and characterization of genes for human retrocochlear hearing disorders

Marcel Rudniki: Are Giant Synapses Depressed? Modeling Study of Firing Properties of Globular Bushy Cells


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