"Speed and precision: hallmarks of the auditory system?"

September 4-5 (Frauenchiemsee/Germany)


Laurence Trussell: "Control of spike bursts by calcium channels and calcium release"

Eckhard Friauf: "The Fantastic Four:  ePSC, q, Pr and RRP"

Christian Leibold: "Fast neural information processing beyond the auditory system"

Markus Morawski: "What makes a synapse ultrafast?"

Paul Manis: "Listening quickly: Cochlear nucleus neurons and models in young and aged mice"

Jonathan Stephan: "Glial contribution to neuronal signaling"

Karina Cramer: "Development of auditory brainstem circuits"

Nace Golding: "A duplex code within the medial superior olive"


Dominik Oliver: Electro-mechanical and mechano-electrical transduction in auditory hair cells

Jutta Engel: The mammalian inner hair cell synapse

Sarah Verhulst: From single-unit physiology to modeling human auditory brainstem responses: challenges and applications

Marliese Knipper / Lukas Rüttiger: What auditory brainstem responses can tell about - and what we think they tell


"(Ultrafast) hearing: need for speed"

September 21-24, 2015 (Kaiserslautern / Germany)


Karen Steel: "Using the mouse to understand the molecular basic of hearing impairment"

Christian Kubisch: "The genetic basis of hearing loss"

Peter Heil: "Phase locking by auditory nerve fibers: some basics"

Thomas Künzel: "Time coding in the auditory brainstem"

Eckhard Friauf: "High fidelity synaptic neurotransmission: auditory vs. non-auditory synapses"

Felix Felmy: "High fidelity synaptic transmission at large synapses"

Benedikt Grothe: Title tba

Jochen Tillein: Title tba

Maike Vollmer: "Temporal plasticity in the deaf auditory system induced by electric cochlear stimulation"

Tobias Moser: "Sound encoding in the cochlea: from physiology to optogenetic restoration"


"(Ultrafast) Hearing: Anatomical, morphological, molecular, and genetic aspects"

September 15-16, 2014 (Ebernburg, Bad Münster am Stein / Germany)


Christian Kubisch: "Deafness Genes"

Hans Gerd Nothwang: "Central auditory function of deafness genes"

Nicola Strenzke: "Pathophysiology of hearing loss"

Markus Morawski: "Anatomical properties of inhibition in the auditory brainstem"

Ivan Milenkovic: "Physiological properties of inhibition in the auditory brainstem"

Ursula Koch: "Hearing with funny channels: function and distribution of HCN channels in the auditory brainstem”

Günter Ehret: "Midbrain to auditory cortex and back: information flow in higher auditory centers"



"How timing is preserved in the auditory system"

September 2-3, 2013 (Volkenroda, Germany)


Martin Göpfert: "Drosophila mechanisms"

Dominik Oliver: "Hair cells and prestin"

Jutta Engel: "Cochlea 1"

Tobias Moser: "Cochlea 2"

Thomas Künzel: "Cochlear nucleus"

Ralf Schneggenburger: "MNTB transmission"

Marek Rudnicki: "Modeling"

Andrej Kral: "Inferior colliculus"

Peter Heil: "The auditory nerve"

Felix Felmy: "The lateral lemnicus"




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