• Göpfert group, Göttingen: "Fly hearing, force-transduction, and TRPs"
  • Oliver group, Marburg: "Structure-based analysis of the molecular mechanisms of preston-dependent cochlear Amplification"
  • Strenzke group, Göttingen: "The role of LRBA (LPSresponsive, beige-like anchor protein) in auditory function"
  • Engel group, Homburg: "Role of the alpha2delta3 Ca2+ channel subunit for spiral ganglion and lower auditory brainstem neurons"
  • Künzel group, Aachen: "The role of dendritic inputs in high-fidelity temporal processing of phase-coding neurons in the mammalian anteroventral cochlear nucleus"
  • Milenkovic group, Leipzig: "Tonotopic and cell-specific purinergic modulation in developing auditory circuit"
  • Morawski group, Leipzig: "Perineuronal nets establish a specific micro-milieu around highly active synapses which contributes to the secure and temporally precise synaptic transmission"
  • Nothwang group, Oldenburg: "Role of L-type Ca2+-channels for development and function of the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body, an ultrafast relay center involved in sound localisation"
  • Rudolf Rübsamen (guest speaker): "Signal processing in the auditory brainstem"
  • Sonja Pyott (guest speaker): "Primary auditory neurons: properties and synaptic function"
  • Friauf group, Kaiserslautern: "Neuronal precision, accuracy, and fidelity: Inhibitory and excitatory inputs to the lateral superior olive"
  • Leitner group, Marburg: "IK,n - A KCNQ potssium current in auditory hair cells with unique properties"
  • Körber group, Heidelberg: "Modulation of release probability at an auditory relay synapse"
  • Felmy group, Hannover: "Analysis of the cellular mechanisms promoting fast information transfer at a large synapse in the ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus"
  • Heil group, Magdeburg: "Modeling the spontaneous activity of mammalian auditory-nerve fibers"
  • Hemmert group, Munich: "A spiking neuron network model of ITD detection in the medial superior olive"
  • Vollmer group, Würzburg: "Effects of deafness and electrical cochlear stimulation on neuronal sensitivity to intramural time differences and on glycinergic innervation in the gerbil auditory"
  • Koch group, Berlin: "The role of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors for the development of auditory brainstem circuits involved in temporal processing of sounds"
  • Klump group, Oldenburg: "Perception of mistuning in harmonic complextones: A case for temporal fine structure processing?"
  • Knipper/Rüttiger group, Tübingen: "Does corticosterone affect auditory sound processing at the inner hair cell synapse?"
  • Pecka group, Munich: "The temporal resolution of binaural integration in the lateral superior olive and its implications for the electrical restoration of spatial hearing"
  • Stephan group, Kaiserslautern: "Functional specializations of neuroglia in the auditory brainstem"
  • Verhulst group, Oldenburg: "Interrelation between auditory-brainstem and envelope-following response metrics: diagnosing subcomponents of hearing loss"
  • Guest speakers of PP 1392: Integrative Analysis of Olfaction

    • Monika Stengl: "(Ultra)sensitive smelling in insects: hawkmoth pheromone transduction"
    • Marc Spehr: "Chemosensory mechanisms of social communication"
    • Veronika Egger: "Fast (and slow) synaptic processing in olfactory bulb granola cell spines"
    • Michael Schmuker: "Odour space - Exploring the chemical map in the olfactory system"


2014, Bad Münster am Stein
  • Martin Göpfert (Göpfert group):Title tba
  • Dominik Oliver (Oliver group): "New Results on the Molecular Structure and Function of Prestin"
  • Magdalena Picher (Moser group): "The role of CaBP2 in synaptic sound encoding"
  • Christian Vogl (Strenzke group): "The role of LRBA2 in hair cell physiology"
  • Chrstian Kubisch (Kubisch group): Title tba
  • David Goyer (Künzel group): "Acetylcholinergic modulation of excitability in spherical bushy cells of the gerbil"
  • Christoph Schreiner (guest speaker): Title tba
  • Tamara Radulovic/Sasa Jovanovic (Milenkovic group): "Purinergic modulation is required for development of tuning properties of central auditory brainstem neurons"
  • Mandy Sonntag/Maren Blosa: "The extracellular matrix component brevican is essential for fast synaptic transmission in the auditory brainstem"
  • Lena Ebbers (Nothwang group)/Katrin Janz (Friauf group): "The role of L-type Ca2+ channels in the auditory brainstem"
  • Ursula Koch (Koch group): Title tba
  • Rudolf Rübsamen (Rübsamen group): Title tba
  • Elin Kronander (Schneggenburger group): "An organotypic culture system to study molecular mechanisms of auditory synapse development"
  • Felix Felmy (Felmy group): "Determinance of excitability in neurons of the VNLL in gerbils"
  • Martin Fuhr (Friauf group): „Asynchronous transmitter release during high frequency stimulation“
  • Martin Kempe (Vollmer group): "Neural coding of interaural time differences with bilateral cochlear implants: effects of chronic stimulation"
  • Andrej Kral (Kral group): Title tba
  • Günter Ehret (Ehret group): "Temporal precision of coding in the mouse auditory brainstem: ABR data"
  • Friederike Stephani (Engel group): "Ca2+ current recordings from cultured dissociated spiral ganglion neurons"
  • Jonathan Ashmore (guest speaker): "Seeing Hearing: coupling between  hair cells and other tales"
  • Adam Peterson (Peter Heil): "Modeling the phase-locking auditory-nerve fibers"
  • Werner Hemmert (Hemmert group): "Modeling and evaluation methods for utra-precise temporal coding"


2013, Volkenroda
  • Martin Göpfert (Göpfert group): "In search of the mysterious gating springs"
  • Dimitri Gorbunov (Oliver group): "The molecular structure of prestin: recent progress"
  • Zhizi Jing/Maria Picher (Moser group): "The role of calcium binding protein 2 in synaptic sound encoding"
  • Zhizi Jing (Strenzke group): "Sound encoding at the inner hair cell synapse - what we can learn from single auditory nerve fiber recordings in mice with synaptic deficiencies"
  • Kerstin Blum/Tobias Eckrich/Jutta Engel/Friederike Stephani (Engel group): "Electrophysiological recordings and Ca2+ imaging in neonatal mouse spiral ganglion neurons"
  • Thomas Künzel/David Goyer (Künzel group): "Modulation of input-output function in gerbil spherical bushy cells: in-vitro and in-silico experiments"
  • Donata Oertel (guest speaker): “The role of low-voltage-activated K+ and hyperpolarization-activated conductances in hearing”
  • Ivan Milenkovic/Sasa Jovanovic (Milenkovic group):"Purinergic modulation of neuronal activity in developing auditory brainstem circuits"
  • Markus Morawski (Morawski group):"Impact of the extracellular matrix component brevican on the central auditory pathway"
  • Hans Gerd Nothwang (Nothwang group): "Overlapping and distinct roles of L-type Calcium channels in the auditory brainstem"
  • Martin Fuhr (Friauf group): "The inhibitory MNTB-LSO connection: Intermitted high frequency stimulation and the role of glycine transporter 2"
  • Rudolf Rübsamen (Rübsamen group): "Inhibition dynamically shapes acoustic responsiveness in spherical bushy cells"
  • Enida Gjoni (Schneggenburger group): "Inhibition - excitation imbalance in the LSO"
  • Christina Berger (Felmy group):"Biophysics and synaptic transmission at a large auditoy synapse"
  • Veronika Baumann (Koch group): “Electrophysiological, pharmacological and anatomical evidence for alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the VNLL of mice”
  • Martin Kempe (Vollmer group):„Effects of deafness onset and deafness duration on neural sensitivity to interaural time differences in gerbil auditory brainstem"
  • Alice Burghard (Kral group): „Temporal properties of midbrain neurons”
  • Gerard Borst (guest speaker): “Testing the Jeffress hypothesis”
  • Günter Ehret (Ehret group): "Concepts of time domain processing from data of the mouse inferior colliculus"
  • Alexander Volk (Kubisch group): "Identification of a novel gene for autosomal dominant auditory neuropathy"
  • Adam Peterson (Heil group): "A model of the phase-locking of auditory-nerve fibers"
  • Marek Rudnicki (Hemmert group): "Sharpening of temporal features in the spike trains of cochlear nucleus neurons"
  • Marlies Knipper (guest speaker): "Lessions crucial for precise information processing learned from transgenic mice"

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